Wealthspan Process

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The Wealthspan Process

More accurate retirement planning begins with an investor’s answers to 21 questions. From these answers, a scientifically determined lifespan is calculated using sophisticated algorithms. The ensuing detailed analysis report allows an advisor to do better, more personalized retirement planning for their investor clients.

MyWealthspan Calculation

The answers to the questions will allow an investor client to see their specific scientifically determined Lifespan (LS) as opposed to using a generic estimate from a life table that lumps everyone together into averages.

They will also be shown their probability of living to every age beyond their own up to age 100+. Clients will learn how many years of their life expectancy will likely be healthy vs. years where they will need a level of assistance with activities of daily living. This is called Healthspan (HL).

If someone has a high probability of living to an exceptionally high age, but also has a high probability of needing assistance for many of their later years, a financial advisor can make better decisions concerning the types of products that should be recommended to a client to help them meet their income and assistance needs throughout their Lifespan.

Results will be shown on the screen and provided to the financial advisor to use as part of the overall, holistic planning process, where a determination will be made concerning Social Security filing strategies, income planning, insurance planning, investment planning, tax planning, estate planning and long-term care planning.