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Wealthspan Uses Science to Help Build Products to Disrupt the Wealth Management Industry

Wealthspan Financial Partners (WFP) is working to create financial products that speak to the spirit of a positive wealthspan for all clients. The approach is to look at how the application of science intersects with wealthspan creation and work to design products that help accomplish that end.

In order to do this, Wealthspan Financial Partners is working closely with several technology partners to bring solutions to the marketplace. We are also engaging with several financial services companies with a goal to create products, like life insurance, annuities and managed money solutions, that use science as our guide. The use of breakthrough technologies along with the knowledge of how genetic markers impact lifespan and healthspan allow WFP to create products that fit into the planning process used by Wealthspan Advisors. It’s a synergistic, holistic approach to managing wealth.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made it increasingly difficult for life insurance companies to continue forward with their normal process that often depend on physical interactions to collect blood, urine and other diagnostic tests throughout the underwriting process. With the technology that WFP brings to the marketplace, we are posed to provide a no-code, end-to-end, digital onboarding solution without the friction that comes with required physical interactions.

Please connect with Wealthspan Financial Partners if you represent a financial services product development company or insurance company to get more information about who we are, who our partners are, the size of our distribution system and how we could work together to create products that change the landscape of what is offered and how it is made available.